Reliable In Home Petsitting

Serving All of the Saddleback Valley, Tustin, Irvine,Lake Forest,Laguna Hills,Mission Viejo                                                        

Eliminate the trauma of sending your pet to a boarding kennel where it is unfamiliar and frightened. They feel abandoned and have no idea that you are EVER coming back for them.

 Your pet may be subjected to other animals that could be diseased and suffering from  a contagious ailment..kennel cough,parvo,etc.
* Your pet is kept in a metal cage 24 hrs. a day (less two...10-15 min.walks per day...if time permits).
* A heartless environment by any measure for a pet that has not been kept in a cage until now.
* With Pampered Pet Sitting in your home (1,2,or 3 visits daily), your pet's normal routines are followed
* Your pet gets to remain in their home and bed

* Your family,friends and neighbors will no longer be   inconvenienced.
* You have peace of mind knowing your pet and home are well cared for.
* Mail and newspaper are picked up. Plants watered and house is security checked.
* Most important....your pet gets TLC and playtime (includes tummy rubs).
* Daily dog walking and playtime.
* Last minute & unexpected emergencies? Call us.. we will try to accommodate you and your pet.                                    



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